Living Water response to COVID-19


COVID 19, a non-anticipated pessimistic situation, has turned the world upside down, with
humanity facing major health, economic, and social challenges. Devoid streets and outright
tranquility have invaded countries all around the world today. With the lockdown face,
everything turned out to be in absolute stillness. As the impact continues to inflate every passing
day, Living Water is making every effort to help our communities aware of the situation and
prevention methods that need to be taken to contain the spread. 

Living Water has put forward initiatives and support system to reach the unreached and deprived
section of the society. We are focused on the safety of our staff and the communities we work in
and ensuring we diligently meet all our service commitments.

1. Awareness Program

March 5 -21 (3).jpeg

We conduct awareness campaigns educating the vulnerable on the importance of hygiene, COVID -19 prevention measures, keeping the surroundings clean, and proper handwashing method. The messages conveyed through videos, instructive pamphlets, and banners. 

2. Hygiene Supply

The government lockdown order and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, has severely hit daily wagers and laborer's who survive on the day's earnings. To support communities during the lockdown, we distribute kits with essentials such as dry rations and personal care products.

Food Distribution at Nagambadom Bus Stan

3. Essential Supplies


The crucial step to contain the spread of the virus, is to maintain the required hygiene standards. A large section of the country, the vulnerable and deprived communities, have little or no access to the sanitation standards. To ensure the safety of communities, Living Water is providing with Hygiene supplies. Partnering with Panchayat and local NGO's, we are distributing masks and soaps in Primary Health Centers and communities. As several states are running short of masks, Living Water has prepared handmade masks and distributed them in various villages. The interventions proved effective in raising hygiene awareness among the people.

4. Social Media Intervention

Living Water developed WhatsApp posters, videos, and audio clips containing the message of COVID 19 and dubbed into regional languages. We make regular phone calls to Water user committee members, community leaders, and families to counsel and build confidence in them to overcome the crisis and to share awareness messages.

March 5 -21 (6).jpeg

The team Living Water is also ensuring regular functionality checks and maintenance of handpumps and ensuring safety during water collection focusing on the disinfecting handpumps (taps, handles, and spigot). We have developed guidelines on 'Engaging Communities Safely during COVID-19' and 'Guidance for water points.'

We are coordinating with Primary health centers and district offices to support the government's response to COVID-19 and outreach efforts. Living Water is taking every step to ensure that we maintain operational readiness, as we are continuously coordinating with advisories from local governments.