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Transforming Rural Communities with Clean Water Initiatives

We work towards building and transforming people living in rural areas into self-reliant and self-sustainable communities.

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About Living Water India

At Living Water India, we work towards building and transforming disadvantaged people in rural areas into self-reliant and self-sustainable communities. Since 1998, Living Water India has reached out to villages across India and has so far impacted more than 9,00,000 people through our initiatives.


Our Impactful Work in Clean Water Sanitation


Access to Safe Water

Nearly 160 million people in India still do not have access to safe water for drinking or domestic consumption.


Better Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities

India is home to the largest number of open defecators in the world. Our startling statistics in Sanitation and Hygiene calls for an urgent intervention by various stakeholders.


Access to Education

Living Water India has been collaborating closely with partners, empowering education to ensure

that all children have access to high-quality childhood development.


Access to Better Livelihood

The economic growth of every nation is intricately linked to a sustained and
inclusive way of creating jobs and avenues of earning money for all. Through our effective intervention,

we have been able to:


Importance of Clean Water Initiatives

Because as you read this sentence 163 million Indians fight for access to clean drinking water near them-  the highest number in any country across the world.

This means that 163 million Indians struggle every day for this most basic of human rights upon which depends their thirst, their hunger, their personal hygiene, their livelihood and their protection from deadly diseases found in polluted water. 

Impactful Stories from Communities

My little girl enjoys accompanying me to the well because it takes very little effort for us to collect water. Mariamma continued, “this well became a life-saver for us during the ‘corona’. Elderly people like me remained safe during these fearful times as we did not have to go to distant places to collect water. Social distancing would not have been possible if we had to wait in long queues in front of the Panchayat tap. My community did not struggle for water even once during the lockdown, as the well is near our homes.”

Lives Changed



People uplifted



Communities latrines built



Community sanitation and training camps.



Hygiene camps in rural schools

Our Vision for India's Future

We dream of an India where every citizen has free access to clean water and good sanitation. India where every citizen is truly freed to pursue their dreams because their basic rights to water and sanitation are safeguarded.

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