Yet, as you read this sentence 
0 million Indians  fight for access to clean drinking water near them.

We Are Living Water

We empower communities by providing access to 


Clean Water

We drill borewells and install handpumps giving rural communities access to clean water that is tested and monitored for upto five years.


Good Sanitation

We build latrines and educate rural communities to create positive behavioural change toward good sanitation.


Safe Hygiene

We partner with local leaders to raise awareness within rural communities about the best, safe hygiene practices.


Since 1998, Living Water has reached out to villages across India equipping



with 2700 borewells &  handpumps

275 latrines 

2400 hygiene trainings 




We dream of an India where every citizen has free access to clean water and good sanitation. An India where every citizen is truly freed to pursue their dreams because their basic rights to water and sanitation are safeguarded.


By October 2019, the Indian Government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aims to achieve a clean and Open Defecation Free India. Through our partnerships built over two decades with grassroots leaders and local governments in 3000 communities across the nation, we stand with the Government to achieve and sustain this goal in the years to come.

Gifting Freedom, Life and Hope to over

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