Our Vision

Living Water exists to empower communities by providing access to clean water, good sanitation and safe hygiene practices.  

Our Values


Our Team

We are a team of three engineers who came together in 1998 from the north, south and central parts of India, united by the heart to transform communities with our knowledge and skills. Together, we’ve impacted over 3000 communities in the last two decades, and look forward to a day where every Indian can have free access to clean water and good sanitation. 

Our Values

1. Develop Communities

We believe that access to clean water, good sanitation and safe hygiene can radically transform communities.


When communities are freed from the burden of finding, sourcing and transporting clean drinking water, they are safeguarded from the deadly diseases found in polluted water, and are freed to use their time, money and resources to pursue meaningful work. 



When communities are provided latrines for good sanitation practices, their surroundings are no longer contaminated and their lives are restored to safety and dignity. 



When communities are equipped with the knowledge of safe hygiene practices and when they are provided with the resources to implement these practices, communities take ownership of their individual and shared water sources and sanitation facilities, leading to long-term positive behavioural change and increased community health.



When communities are gifted clean water and good sanitation, and when they engage in safe hygiene practices, they experience physical, emotional and social well-being that leads to their development and progress. This is our dream for every community we are a part of.

2. Pursue Excellence 

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” - Aristotle

At Living Water, we’ve spent two decades perfecting the art of developing and empowering communities through clean water, good sanitation and safe hygiene. Our work in 3000 communities across India speaks for itself and we believe in continuing to pursue excellence in every community we engage with in the future too