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Covid-19 / Disaster Management

Disaster Management & Response

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India is particularly disaster-prone because of its various geo-climatic conditions and a sizable portion of the socio-economically poor population. We strive to deliver quick help to areas affected by natural disasters and tragedies through our activities.

Covid-19 Response

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The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, which the UN has dubbed a "Generational Catastrophe," have widened disparities and had an impact on all facets of society. The most suffering has, however, been endured by the weaker and less privileged segments of society.

Living Water India got to work right away and concentrated on closing the gaps and helping the people in need in our regions of intervention. Each team member went above and beyond in providing emergency assistance to the affected members of society during the pandemic. We have overcome this adversity successfully through our timely decisions, which served as a ray of hope to many during times of extreme despair and confusion.

Capacity Building & Awareness Programs

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Awareness campaigns were carried out in many villages. These campaigns primarily educated people on the importance of hygiene, cleanliness, Covid-19 prevention measures, and proper handwashing techniques. Various communication mediums such as videos, informative pamphlets and banners, were used to convey and re-emphasize these messages.

Apart from this, we created guidelines for 'Safely Engaging Communities during Covid-19' and 'Usage of Water Points.'

Hygiene Supply

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Maintaining Hygiene standards have been identified as critical steps in limiting the virus's spread. A large portion of the country, particularly vulnerable and deprived communities, lack access to Sanitation standards. Living Water India provided hygiene supplies to ensure the safety of communities.

In collaboration with the Panchayat and other local NGOs, we distributed hygiene materials to Primary Health Care Centres. Given the scarcity of masks, we prepared handmade masks and distributed them in various villages. The interventions were successful in raising people's hygiene awareness.

Flood Relief Program 

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Torrential rains along Kerala's coast, combined with dam openings, triggered flash floods that washed away roads and trees, isolating many villages and leaving communities without food or water. People were killed, and survivors barely escaped with their lives. In these dire circumstances, Living Water India stepped in and provided immediate relief to hundreds of people by providing supplies and assistance.

Our staff worked round the clock, collaborating with local governments and non-governmental organisations.

  • We were able to reach out to the affected communities.

  • We provided them with necessities such as groceries, drinking water, sanitary items and cleaning materials.

  • Our staff assisted in cleaning flooded homes and schools.

  • For many, the Living Water India team was not just helpful materially, but also an immense source of emotional support during difficult times.

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